Empire Of Spiders

Along with heights, a fear of spiders has to be one of the most common phobias humans have. Most experts believe it is because in our evolutionary past we dealt with poisonous spiders and therefore we developed a phobia of them as a survival mechanism. These days, spiders are all over the world and they come in many shapes and sizes, along with degrees of poison. So if you hate spiders, you should probably stop reading now but if you hate spiders, you should also keep reading to know the countries to avoid.

Home of the Largest Spider is Laos. The Giant Huntsman Spider is justly named since it is the largest spider in the world in terms of leg span. Its leg span is a very large spider with a leg span of one foot. One foot may not seem like much compared with birds, rodents and more, but for a spider it is downright terrifying. First discovered in 2001 in Laos Experts believe that it is a cave-dwelling spider because of its pale color, so make sure you stay out of the caves in Laos!

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Home of the Second Largest Spider is Brazil. Goliath Birdeater, which is found in South America and primarily in Brazil, is not the biggest but probably is the scariest spider in the world. It is a member of the tarantula group. The reason that it was named the Goliath Birdeater Spider is because explorers in the 19th century witnessed it eat a hummingbird. They have a leg span of 11 inches and a weight of six ounces. This spider may be large, but it is pretty harmless to humans beyond giving them a heart attack.

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Home of the Most Venomous Spider is Brazil, too. The Brazilian Wandering Spider is a highly aggressive and venomous spider found all over South and Central America, and especially in Brazil. It is called the Brazilian Wandering Spider because it wanders the jungle floor at night. During the day, the spider can be found in termite mounds or in banana plants. It will also hide in dark and moist places in or near where humans live. One odd thing that the bite causes is an erection that will last for many hours, will be very uncomfortable and may leave you impotent. It is very dangerous to humans, especially in areas that are densely population. It will hide in clothes, cars, boots and in boxes which leads to sudden bites on hands and feet when it is surprised. It can also travel around the world in banana crates.

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Home To Spider Attacks is Australia. Many feel that Australia may have the most deadly spiders on Earth. Here’s some of them:

The Australian Funnel-Web Spider is one of the most dangerous in the world and will often bite rather than run away. It is typically found within 100 km of Sydney and its toxin is highly toxic to primates.

The Redback Spider does not bite often but when it does it is highly toxic and dangerous for the elderly and children. Roughly 20 percent of those bitten by the spider require treatment. There have been no deaths since 1956 when the antivenom was created and most of the bites are from female spiders.

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The Mouse Spider is a burrowing spider that has a deadly venom, which can cause serious harm to humans. Severe symptoms can develop, which require emergency medical treatment but bites are rare and there have been no recorded human deaths.

The Australian Huntsman Spiders are not very aggressive but they will defend their nests and make threat displays to humans who tread too closely. They can move rapidly and they will often enter houses.

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now, look who is on your wall behind you

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